The whole area is a site, a beauty resort. The choices are literally countless, one better that the other. The visitor will certainly be satisfied.

Round of Plastira’s Lake:
Plastira’s Lake was a vision of the General and Prime Minister of Greece Nikolaos PLastiras and was completed until 1960, with the construction of a cement dam in the place Kakavakia. It is located in 750m altitude and covers an area of 25.000 acres. The round of the lake is a route of 60km approximately, through fir forests, lakeside routes, traditional villages such as Neoxori, Kerasia, Kalyvia Pezoulas and the dam.

Visits to Monasteries and Churches:
Panagia Pelekiti: The Holy Monastery of Pelekiti is built in a curt rock slope in 1400m altitude, literally hanging in a vacuum. It was built in 1592 and has temples. The atmosphere in the interior of the Monastery is mysterious and evocative and you will never forget it.

The Monastery of Koroni: It was built after the discovery of the miraculous picture of Madonna in this place in 1123. It was destroyed and rebuilt in 1500. The hagiographies of the Monastery were created by Monk Daniil. the wood temple was made in the beginning of 1700. In the Monastery Saint Serafeim was tortured and his body is kept there.

The Holy Monastery of Agios Georgios in Mavromati: It is known as Holy Monastery Karaiskaki, because in the cave that is close to the Monastery the big hero of the Greek Revolution, Georgios Karaiskakis was born in 1782. It is an aisle temple with a roof that is not usual in Greece.

The Holy Monastery of Agia Triada in Drakotripa: One of the most important monuments in the area. Today there are saved only the ledger and some murals of the 18th century.

Tourist Destinations:
Meteora, Elati, Pertouli, Pastira’s Lake, Argithea, Ithomi and many other beautiful areas are close to Mouzaki, offering a great chance to meet the culture, the tradition and the history of this place.

Interesting places are the Jockey club in Loksada, the Museum in Kanalia, the cave in Ag. Akakios, the Byzantine castle in Fanari and others. From the newest monuments, interesting are the arched bridge “Kamara” in the stream of Koromilia to the sourses “Ennea Vrises” in Anthoxori that are located in 1500m altitude. The river Anthoxoritis that crosses the village has plenty of water and waterfalls in some spots of it. The water mill of the village is also in a very good situation.

Entertainment parks, Zoo parks, environmental centers, sceneries of natural beauty and amazing view. The lovers of trekking could walk in the paths of the village Mavromati, in which the general of the army in 1821, G. Karaiskakis walked, visit the «lookout of Karaiskakis» and the cave where the great hero was born.

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